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My Story

Living on a farm bordering Stansted Forest and the South Downs National Park I have had the pleasure of having Venison available all year round. So much so, my children were often bored by the option of venison again for dinner.

I have often been dismayed by the lack of availability of venison and the high-end prices when it is available in supermarkets and local outlets. Some of this is due to issues with the supply chain, which includes deer stalkers, game keepers, game dealers, butchers, and finally retail outlets. 

Wild deer need to be kept under control for the benefit of the environment and the well being of the deer population. There is no natural predator for deer in the UK.

It has become my passionate dream to make this beautiful, ethical, healthy, local, environmentally friendly product available and affordable for every family.

So, with this in mind, Holme Farm Venison has been launched to provide freezer packs of Venison on-line.

 It is my hope that Local families will be enjoying fabulous recipes any day of the week not just on special occasions. 

Lizzy Gradidge

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