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Venison Steak

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Cook Time:

5 Minutes


6 Servings



About the Recipe

Treat yourself to a taste of farm-raised luxury with our tender Venison Steak. Straight from our pasture to your plate, these premium cuts of venison are seasoned with care and cooked to juicy perfection. Close your eyes, take a bite, and let the natural flavours of our farm shine through. Whether you're enjoying a quiet evening or hosting a gathering, this rustic venison steak will transport you to the heart of our idyllic farm life.


  • Steak

  • Olive Oil

  • Garlic


In a heavy frying pan or skillet:

Step 1

Just splash in the olive oil

Step 2

Add a teaspoon of chopped garlic (we like to put it on top of the steak)

Step 3

Fry on a high heat turning frequently

(Venison is probably best as rare but if you like your steaks medium of even well done be aware it does not take long at all. )

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