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Vension Joint

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Cook Time:

1 hour (20 Minutes per lb)


6 Servings



About the Recipe

Embrace the farm-to-table elegance with our showstopping Roast Venison Joint. This centerpiece-worthy dish features a prime cut of venison, harvested from our fields, seasoned to perfection, and roasted to juicy tenderness. As it cooks, the mouthwatering aromas will fill your farmhouse, enticing all who gather around the table. Celebrate the rustic charm of farm life and create lasting memories with this exceptional venison roast.


  • 3 Onions

  • Breast of lamb (optional)


Step 1

Venison has very little fat so I prepare the roasting dish with a bed of sliced onions  and a little water.

Step 2

If I can get hold of a bit of breast of lamb I often cover the venison joint with this - makes a wonderful addition and keeps the venison moist.

Step 3

I roast on a medium heat 20min/lb.   Check half way through that it has not dried out top up if necessary.  The juices left in the pan make wonderful gravy

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